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Ezra Zion Red Army Men 2020 LTD. Skinny Toro

Ezra Zion Red Army Men 2020 LTD. Skinny Toro


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The ARMY MEN Series has become one of the most iconic and sought after unicorn cigar lines in the Ezra Zion anthology! It hasn't been available for several years because we couldn't get the EXTREMELY RARE tobaccos needed for this phenomenal blend!

But...all the planets aligned (and we called in some favors from some of our secret connections) and GRAY ARMY MEN is finally ready for action!

But I gotta tell you up front...this cigar is EXTREMELY LIMITED!

What I also gotta tell you is that GRAY ARMY MEN is gonna freaking rock your world! The richness, the flavors, the complexity, and the construction are going to completely astound you!

GRAY ARMY MEN is a full-bodied, medium-strength 5 5/8x46 skinny toro. The wrapper is a gorgeous Corojo 99 rosado wrapper. Binder and filler tobaccos will remain a very closely guarded secret...but they are all between 6-11 years aged!

First light is a blast of milk chocolate, whipped cream and tanned leather...followed quickly by hints of cashews, mocha, and powdered sugar. The finish adds amaretto and white pepper. Retrohale adds a warming cinnamon burn.

As it progresses, waves of caramel begin to rush over the palate. A warm pepper and cedar note grow with each puff, rounding out and balancing the blend beautifully. Additional notes of brown sugar and walnut.

Halfway, the blend gets even more rich and delicious! Vanilla bean, raw leather, and taffy emerge. Sweet iced tea and buttercream linger on the finish. 

Last third everything crescendos! Big flavors of espresso, hickory wood, and maple are added to the mix. Woodsy notes of red oak appear balanced by cafe latte creaminess. The "barnyard" notes (that we love so much) splash the flavors on the finish. Phenomenal smoke!

GRAY ARMY MEN tastes so much like a quality $40 "embargoed" cigar that it's freaky! The extra aging of this blend has taken these tobaccos to the next level. So much so that we are even shaking our heads in amazement! 

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