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Nomad by Ezra Zion Permanent Vacation 2020 6x48

Nomad by Ezra Zion Permanent Vacation 2020 6x48

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 PERMANENT VACATION 2020 is a 6x48 belicoso. Wrapper is a gorgeous Criollo 98 leaf. Tobaccos are from Nica and 3 other places that will remain secret.

Full-bodied. Med/Full-strength. All tobaccos aged b/n 9-13 years.

1st 3rd: Vanilla bean, raw sugar, heavy whipping cream, Hershey's Chocolate Bar, black peppercorn, maple wood, aged leather, very creamy coffee...

2nd 3rd: Caramel, whiskey barrel, hot cocoa, toasted macadamia nuts, nutmeg, molasses, buttercream, aged tobacco (yes that's it's own flavor)...

3rd 3rd: Dark chocolate, cinnamon stick, red pepper, waffle cone, Tootsie Roll, black tea, sugar cookies


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