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Ezra Zion Chicken & Waffles 2021 L.E. 6x52 Classic Toro

Ezra Zion Chicken & Waffles 2021 L.E. 6x52 Classic Toro


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CHICKEN & WAFFLES 2021 L.E. takes the Chicken & Waffles Series to a whole other level! The richness and complexity of flavors that we were able to achieve in this cigar are unbelievable!

I'm gonna be blunt...CHICKEN & WAFFLES 2021 L.E. is a total flavor bomb on steroids! 

I will say this...CHICKEN & WAFFLES 2020 Ltd. is one of our favorite blends ever! When you smoke it you will understand what I’m talking about. In the pantheon of legendary Ezra Zion blends, this absolutely sits on the top shelf!

CHICKEN & WAFFLES 2021 L.E. is a full-bodied, med/full strength 6x52 classic toro. Wrapper is a flawless and buttery Corojo 99 rosado leaf. (Just look at that picture!) Fillers will remain very top secret...but they are all 6-12 years aged!

First light is a tidal wave of flavors! Brown sugar, milk chocolate, and warm caramel rush across the palate. Cinnamon stick, vanilla bean, and heavy whipping cream immediately follow. Raw leather notes emerge on the finish. The retrohale adds a warm spicy burn. 

As it progresses, the blend becomes even smoother. Coffee bean, Almond Roca, and maple emerge. The age of the tobacco really begins to shine. Hints of chocolate frosting and nutmeg emerge on the finish.

Halfway, it gets even richer! Creamy butter and cappuccino come to the fore. Anise, clove, and white oak join the mix. A wave of raw sugar cane and hazelnut linger on the palate. The balance and sophistication of this cigar is absolutely second to none! So phenomenal!

Last third, everything elevates and intensifies! Dark chocolate, burnt marshmallow, and aged tobacco (don't know how to even describe this amazing flavor) begin to dominate. Maple syrup complimented by spicy black pepper. The burn is perfect and the cigar is cool all the way to the nub!

CHICKEN & WAFFLES 2021 L.E. is some of the best blending work we’ve ever done! Period. It's an absolutely luscious cigar! You’re gonna love it!



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