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Southern Draw 5-Star Sampler

Southern Draw 5-Star Sampler


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Southern Draw Cigars was founded by U.S. Veterans and former Cuban master cigar rollers. Rob Holt, founder of Southern Draw, created the company to bring back the "Southern gentleman" style of honor and respect. All of the tobacco used in Southern Draw's cigars are pure Cuban-seed rolled by AJ Fernandez's team in Nicaragua. Rob Holt decided to go with a plant theme for their core blend; thus creating: Firethorn, Kudzu, and Rose of Sharon. Each line has a deep meaning behind it and the same care and compassion is put into each and every cigar.


Power and Grace can coexist, with complexity and robustness. 

Wrapper: Habano Rosado , Ecuador

Binder: San Andres , Mexico

Filler: Nicaragua

Notes: Sweet toffee, baking species, carrot cake & aromatic cedar 

"Medium to Full bodied, earthy, charred taste. Woody character, wonderful flavor, heavy and pleasant aroma. Great balance of taste and aroma." 



Our "original blend" cigar that invaded the South, elegant, classic and sophisticated. 

Wrapper: Habano Oscuro , Ecuador

Binder: Ometepe , Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua & USA

Notes: spice, charred oak, coffee and cocoa 

"Delicate fruity bitter tones of grapefruit, nuts and coffee develop at the beginning. This cigar is tangy, sweetish, meaty and delivers a nice chocolatey sweetness. Very balanced and multi-faceted. Medium+".



She don't know she's beautiful. 

Wrapper:  Connecticut, Ecuador

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaraguan/Dominican Ligero 

Notes: graham cracker, caramel, toasted nuts, pepper and spice 

"When you find these cigars, buy as many as you can afford. Steal from your wife. Sell your infant's mobiles above his crib and sell them on Ebay. Knock over a convenience store. Rob a bank. Make your cat walk the streets in a mini skirt in the bad part of town." 

- Phillip Kohn "Cigar Reviews by the Katman" 2017



" ... had a dream and behold, a ladder was set upon the earth ... " BOLD, but approachable!

Wrapper:  Broadleaf, USA

Binder: Maduro, USA

Filler: Nicaragua, Ligero Jalapa and Esteli 

Notes: black cherry, cashews, coffee, molasses and cracked pepper

 "I think many of us as cigar enthusiasts, enjoy the hunt for that ever elusive "Cigar Nirvana". Always trying something new in hopes that upon lighting up we think "Now THIS is what I've been looking for!!!" I'm not sure if the Jacob's Ladder from Southern Draw is truly Cigar Nirvana ...... but for me, it comes awful dang close!" 

- Cigar Weekly 2017



The Habano of Habanos and rich Maduro, value priced line of charity cigars.

Wrapper: Habano,Ecuador & Maduro, Mexico

Binder: Cameroon & Indonesia

Filler: Nicaragua & Dominican Republic 

Notes: chocolate, cloves, malt, spiciness, dark coffee, cedar, curry spice, and coconut 

'This is the Habano of Habanos. The cigar is rich with a  wonderful array of flavors, serious complexity, and subtleties." 


*Sold as pack

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